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Ways To Remove Acne Scars

Acne is not an uncommon skin condition. This is not something few people experience. This is not a skin condition that most people don’t know about....


Acne is not an uncommon skin condition. This is not something few people experience. This is not a skin condition that most people don’t know about. In fact acne is very popular, well known and of course feared. People fear acne because it can cause blemishes, people fear acne because it can mar the beauty of their faces and people fear acne because it is not comfortable to have it. Depending on the severity acne can be painful. If not treated the right way acne can cause or result to problems. One problem cause be ane is acne scars. Acne scars are permanent and remove acne scars you might have to spend thousands.

Indeed to remove acne scars can be really expensive and not every can afford such form of treatment. That is why the best way to treat acne scars is to prevent it. acne scars can be prevent by doing proper skin care and observing a healthy lifestyle and diet. However, if the acne scars are already there what you can do is either remove it or leave it be. There are several ways to remove acne scars. Some of these processes can be painful and uncomfortable, others can be painless. In addition to that some of these procedures to remove acne scars are not that expensive but it is not that affordable as well.

Examples of procedures to remove acne scars are: augmentation. Augmentation uses collagen in order to fill the gaps left by acne scars. This treatment is charge per cubic centimetre of collagen used. In addition to that augmentation has to be repeated several times over the course of six months. Another option to remove acne scars is through laser removal. Laser removes acne scars by literally burning the skin to the level of the scar. This procedure can cause slight discomfort because of the burning of the skin. These treatment modalities are proven to be effective in removing acne scars.

You can indeed choose either or any of the treatments available in order to remove acne scars.  However, it is of utmost importance that you have the right amount in order to successfully follow the treatment regimen and get better results. Remove acne scars and keep your skin soft and smooth because soft and smooth skin is beautiful. If you want to be beautiful prevent acne scars but if the acne scars are already present then remove acne scars using any of the treatment modalities available. Remember to choose one that you will be comfortable with and the one that you can afford.

Life With Facial Acne Scars


There are worse things to life than facial acne scars. Still having the cystic acne that caused the scars would be worse. One good thing about severe acne is that it usually goes way by the time you are an adult. Regular acne often never goes away, even well into middle age. If you have a facial acne scar, it’s always fun to watch a vain smooth-faced person twisting in the wind whenever they get a regular pimple.

Make Up And Mirrors

Centuries ago, facial acne scars were considered normal, although more so in men than in women. Women could wear makeup to cover up facial acne scars, but until a few years ago, it was not socially acceptable for men to wear thick makeup. Many actors in television, the stage and screen have been able to have a decent career even with facial acne scars, whether they have makeup on or not.

If someone makes fun of you for having a scar, then you know that person has something he or she wants to keep hidden. By pointing attention to your facial acne scar, they are really trying to stop you from finding the “scars” on them. They are so worried that they are going to be exposed to the light (their cellulite, their lies, their tax fraud or whatever) that they will try to get everyone distracted by you instead. Don’t worry – you won’t be the only one they will pick on.

Keep In Perspective

Many people have a physical problem that they think is a glaring deformity. This could be cellulite, stretch marks, chicken pox scars or surgery scars. It also could be something like having one leg shorter than the other. We might not care if one person’s leg is a half-inch shorter than the other, but to the person with the uneven legs, it’s glaring proof that they are a mutant.

This all goes to show you that we all are so worried about our own physical imperfections that most of the time we aren’t noticing anyone else’s physical imperfections. Most people probably aren’t even aware of your facial acne scars unless you mention them. If you don’t have fair skin, then your darker skin has probably hidden a lot of the scarring lumps and valleys from their eyes.

There are things you can do to treat your facial acne scars, but please see a doctor before doing anything drastic. After all, no one may see your scars except you.

Acne Scar Treatments That Work for the Price


Usually, in order to remove acne scar, an individual has to deal with acne scar treatments that can be very expensive. Although acne scar treatments have been revolutionized with the advent of newer knowledge and better technology, someone who wants to remove acne scar will still have to shell out a considerable amount of money from his savings.

Moreover, most acne scar treatments require multiple sessions and the recovery period usually lasts a couple of weeks. This means that a person who wants to remove acne scar by means of such acne scar treatments will have to get some good deal of time off from work, usually without pay. Acne scar treatments are not also covered under insurance plans so the expenses will come entirely from somebody’s savings.

Remove Acne Scar

Dermapasion and laser resurfacing are very effective acne scar treatments when dealing with lighter scarring. However, the cost of these acne scar treatments can amount to fifteen hundred dollars per treatment for dermapasion and three hundred dollars for each laser resurfacing session. Many individuals who want to remove acne scar cannot really afford these treatments, especially that both require multiple sessions in order to achieve best results, snowballing the costs up to ten thousand dollars only on efforts to remove acne scar. The recovery period for these acne scar treatments can also last for two weeks, so the individual will have to take some time off from work, and from pay.

For individuals dealing with deep acne scars, the most effective acne scar treatments include surgeries such as punch techniques and subcision, and injections such as augmentation. These acne scar treatments also require a couple of weeks for the recovery period, the least healing time being that for augmentation.

Punch techniques and subcision are actually minor surgical procedures wherein the scar will either be cut out or loosened from the base tissue. This is done so that blood and other tissue can grow below it and fill in the depression, thereby leveling the surface of the skin. Dermapasion and laser resurfacing are often used in conjunction with these acne scar treatments. The sessions usually try to remove acne scars that are deeper first, and then smooth the milder scars.

Augmentation tries to remove acne scar by collagen injections, which will also trigger collagen growth beneath the skin, thereby bringing the scar to the surface of the skin. Like most acne scar treatments, augmentation requires repeated treatments, usually every three to six months.

The variety of acne scar treatments that one may avail of today indeed prove to be very effective, but aside from being very expensive, they can also be very painful. If you don’t want to find yourself going through all the expenses, pain, and hassles that come with trying to remove acne scar, then prevent acne scar from forming in the first place.